In clothes Fashon Rosegal Site Spring Wishlist


This time, i prepared you a wishlist from awesome site Rosegal. You should check it out they have wonderful pieces!

I picked a lot of different things that i really liked. 



That would be it for this post my dear readers. :)
I hope you like things which i choose. 
Do you like rosegal?
Write your opinion in comments! 

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In Accessories clothes fashion Gamiss haul lifestyle Makeup review


Another haul! Although this one is from amazing site Gamiss.

I'm in love with this palette! I used it so many times till now. Pigment is really good and colors are perfect! There is a color for every occasion, which is something that i absolutely love about it!  

I love this item! Shade of red is perfect and it's great for casual outfits. I wore it a couple of times and everyone loved it! Quality is really high. :)

3. Stylish 20 Pcs Multifunction Long Plastic Handle Nylon Makeup Brushes Set

Quality of those brushes is awesome. I'm really amazed. Its hair is so soft and its not falling out, which i love! It doesn't harm my skin at all. I love them and i use them all the time. 

This bag is so cute and fashionable. Velvet is great. It's soft and its quality is really high. Those small backpacks are fashionable at the moment. Bag is really practical and great for mini holidays, going for a walk, going out with friends...

That would be it for this post! 
I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Write your opinions in comments. ♥

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In clothes fashion haul lifestyle review style Zaful


I received new things from amazing site zaful and i have to say that I'm impressed! 

This sweater is amazing! I didn't expect its quality to be this good. Sweater is really warm and incredibly soft. I love it! I wore it couple of times till now. It's perfect for cold weather and for some events. Also, It's true to its size! :)

I ordered this sweater in wine red color. Material is really soft and I'm amazed by it. Although this isn't really a wine red but i like it. It's perfect for causal events, a walk, school...

3.Fuzzy Ball Chain Drop Earrings

I'm in love with those earrings! They are perfect for any occasion. I wore it a lot of times and I'm really satisfied. Its color is the same like it is on the picture and size is awesome! They are really soft which is one of the reasons i love them!

That would be it for this post! 
I hope you enjoyed it. :)
Write your opinions in comments. ♥

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In accounts inspiration instagram lifestyle motivation Travelling travelling accounts


I love instagram, and travelling accounts are my favourite ones, for sure. I know there are a lot of travelling lovers reading my blog, which is one of many reasons why i wrote this post.

This account is my favourite. I love Alyssa and her pictures are perfect. She even answered on some of my DMs and i totally fangirled! Her editing skills are amazing. I can't describe how amazing her pictures are and motivation that she gives her followers. She is my biggest inspiration in life. You should check her account out immediately. 

Another account that i love. Her feed is as awesome as her pictures. I love the fact that her pictures show pure happiness and love for her job. I mean who wouldn't like to travel and get paid for it? Few pictures with her boyfriend, which she posts now and then complete her account. 

This picture i found on pinterest, in which description was instagram username of this girl. I followed her because of her beautiful pictures. You can find out about a lot of wonderful places on her profile which you could visit in specific towns. 

I absolutely love this account. Her awesome pictures and blue color which is present on almost every picture are giving me ocean vibes.

A lot of travelling accounts are made by girls, but there are a few guys whose travelling accounts took my breath away.

I am in love with this one! His pictures remind me of cotton candy. :) I could scroll down his account for days. I really like angels from which he is taking his photos and i love the fact that he pays attention to everything when he is taking them. 

6. @m3iir

I'm sure that his account reminds you of Alyssa's acc. For those who didn't know, they are in relationship. I love his account because his pictures just increase my desire for travelling. Angles, colors, places... everything is just perfect. 

That would be it for this post, i hope you enjoyed reading it.
Write your opinions in comments. ♥
Which travelling accounts are your favourite? 

P.s. i would really appreciate it if you followed me on instagram, @aleksandraaostojic .
 Thank you. :)♥

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Zaful Wishlist

   Hello everyone!
  In this post i decided to write about my collaboration with site Zaful. For today's wishlist i picked some hoodies and sweaters because it's winter and their clothes for cold time is really cute. :)

         1. Cropped Tie Dye Hoodie     
         2.Cropped Contrast Square Hoodie  

That's it for this post.I hope you liked my wishlist. :)

What do you think about it? Do you like Zaful? Write your opinion in comments! ♥

Goodbye, until the next post... :)♥

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Gamiss Wishlist

  Hello guys and welcome to my new post!
I prepared you a wishlist from site Gamiss. I really love their clothes and you should definitely check this site out! I picked a few things that i really liked. :)

When i saw it, i instantly fell in love with this red crop top! I really like the ''Rome'' sign and those stripes on sleeves! :)

I don't know why, but this crop top looks really good. I really like it's sleeves and although it's plain white it is great and makes your outfit looks perfect. ♥

I'm a crop top girl, in case you all haven't noticed, so i had to put this yellow piece of clohing on my wishlist! I love the fact that it has high neck and long sleeves.It's really fashionable and super cute! 

I also really like hoodies and this one caught my eye! Yellow colour is trendy and this hoodie has a red rose on it which makes it ten times better! I love clothes with signs so this hoodie is per-fect!

I love cats and this hoodie just looked too cute that i had to put it on my wishlist! I like the cat face on it and the fact that it has cat ears on it's cowl. Yes, i know, it's crop topped but you must admit that it's really great hoodie!

And the last thing on my wishlist, would be those laced up, high waisted jogger sweatpants. I'm not a huge fan of sweatpants but those delighted me! I'm in love with black stripe and this lace up! It's really fashionable and a must have piece of clothing! :)

So, that's it for this post guys. :)
I hope you liked it! 
Did u check out Gamiss ? What do you think about it?
Write your opinion in commments!
Goodbye, until the next post. :)♥

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4 Apps For Editing Instagram Photos


Zdravo drugari!
   Mnogo volim instagram, pa i editovanje slika!Za to ne koristim veliki broj aplikacija samo par njih, a koje, saznaćete dalje u postu!

   Hi guys!
   I really love Instagram and editing photos for my feed!For that i don't use a lot of apps, jut a few, and which apps you will get to know if you read further!


     Prva aplikacija koju koristim je VSCO i naprosto je obožavam! Ima ogroman broj divnih efekata koje isprobavam svaki put kad editujem novu sliku za instagram.Naravno sem efekata ima opcije za potamnjivanje, posvjetljavanje, izostrivanje slike i mnoge druge što je vrlo korisno!

     First app that i use is VSCO and i love it! It has huge number of great filters which i try out every time when i edit a new photo for instagram. Of course, apart from filters there are options for darkening, lightening, sharpening your phitos and so much more of them which is really usefull!


       Mora da je većina vas već čula za snapseed jer je veliki broj instagramera koristi! Ova aplikacija je namijenjena za poboljšavanje kvaliteta vaše slike i naravno izgleda kao i svaka druga. Vrlo je korisna i laka za korišćenje!

      I think that a lot of you have already heard of snapseed beacuse big number of instagramers use it! This app is made for making quality of your photo better and to make it look much prettier than before! It's really useful and easy for utilization.


      Facetune je aplikacija namijenjena za IOS kao što znate, ali mi koji imamo android našli smo način da ga i mi koristimo, besplatno! Facetune ima mnogo opcija za uređivanje lica ali ja je koristim samo za izbjeljivanje. Mnogo je korisna osobama koje rade bijeli feed!

     Facetune is an app made for IOS just as you know, but we who have an android found a way to download it to our phones and for free! Facetune has a lot of options for editing your face but i use it only for whitening my photos.It's really useful for people who are doing white feed!


Aviary nije tako popularna aplikacija, što je šteta jer je baš dobra! Ne koristim ovu aplikaciju toliko često, ali umije biti od velike koristi. Aviary takodje ima opciju izbjeljivanja ali ima i predivne efekte pogotovo za osobe koje rade neki blagi feed!

Aviary isn't really that popular app, which is bad because it's great! I don't use it very often but it can be of use. Aviary also has an option for whitening but apart from that it has beautiful filters which are really good for people who are doing some mild feed!

Pa to bi bilo to za ovaj post. Utiske mi pišite u komentarima. Da li volite da editujete fotografije ?
Pozdrav do sledećeg posta. ♡

Well that would be it for this post. Write your opinions in comments. 
Do you like editing photos ?
Greetings till next post. ♡

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Favourite Inspirational Quotes

   Pozdrav ljudi!
   U ovom postu odlučila sam navesti neke od mojih omiljenih inspirativnih citata. Dešava se da uopšte nemam inspiraciju kada nešto radim pa mi ovi citati mnogo podignu samopouzdanje i učine da se bolje osjećam!

   Hello guys!
   In this post, i decided to write some of my favourite inspirational quotes! There are times when i don't have inspiration at all when i'm doing something so i read those quotes to give myself some motivation.They boost my confidence and make me feel better!

1. If you don't have big dreams & goals you'll end up working really hard for someone who does.

2. Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass away.

3. Don't stop until you're proud.

4. Don't fear failure.
Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.

5. Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

6. Don't call it a dream.
Call it a plan.

7. First simple rule in life:
If you don't go after what you want,
you'll never have it.

Kad god želim da odustanem od svojih snova, učenja itd. pročitam ove citate i odmah prestanem razmišjati o odustajanju, što je oldično!

Whenever i feel like giving up on my dreams, studying etc. I always read those quotes and immediately don't have these thoughts, which is awesome!

Pa to bi bilo to za ovaj post, utiske mi pišite u komentarima i ako želite napišite neki citat koji vas podstiče da se trudite i vrijedno radite. :)

Well, that would be it for this post,write your opinions, and if you want, you can add quotes which are huge inspiration to you!

Do sledećeg posta, vaša
 Till next post, yours   
♥ .

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Places I Want To Visit

  Zdravo drustvo!
Ovih dana često gledam slike dalekih krajeva i imam ogromnu želju za putovanjima.Odlučila sam napraviti listu mjesta koje bih voljela da posjetiti jednog dana, mada ću napisati i ponešto o tim mjestima. Pa da počnem...

1.Bali - Indonesia

Bali je indonežansko ostrvo koje se nalazi između ostrva Java na zapadu i Lomboka na istoku.

2.Darvaza gas crater - Derweze

U pustinji Karakum u Turkmenistanu nalazi se ogroman gorući krater u zemlji.Lokalno stanovništvo ovaj krater naziva ''vratima pakla'' jer vatra u njemu gori neprestano već 41 godinu.

3.Iguazu Falls - Brazil

Vodopadi Iguazu su vodopadi koji se nalaze na istoimenoj rijeci, na granici izmedju brazilske države Parana i argentinske provincije Misiones.

4.The Rainbow Mountains - China

The Rainbow Mountains ( Dugine planine ) ljudi nazivaju i kineskom verzijom Grand Kanjona.Ovaj spektakularan prizor predstavlja planinski venac gusto zbijenih minerala i kamenja, koji su razigrano rasporodjeni u predivnim duginim bojama. 

5.Ashikaga Flower Park - Japan

Ashikaga Cvjetni park u gradu Ashikaga prepun je jednog od omiljenih cvjetova u Japanu, Vistarije, poznatog i kao Fuji.Zbog toga i izgleda kao mali dio raja na zemlji. Zauzima viđe od 1000 metara kvadratnih, a u njemu se nalazi i jedno drvo staro 100 godina koje je formiralo ''kišobran'' od plavih cvjetova.Takođe, u parku se nalazi i poznati 80 metara dugačak tunel od bijelih fuji cvjetova.

6.Niagara Falls - Canada

Niagarini vodopadi predstavljaju niz masivnih vodopada koji se nalaze na rijeci Niagara u istočnom dijelu Sjeverne Amerike, na granici Sjedinjenih Američkih Država i Kanade. Sastoje se iz tri odvojena vodopada, iako nisu mnogo visoku prilično su široki. Sa više od 168.000 kubnih metara vode u minuti, ovi vodopadi jedni su od najmoćnijih i najpoznatijih u svijetu.

To bi bilo to za ovaj post. Nadam se da vam se dopao kao i mjesta koja sam izabrala. :) 
U komentarima mi pišite utiske, pa i neko vaše dream place! ♥
Takože sam željela i da napomenem da ću odsad pisati i na engleskom jeziku! :)

Do sledećeg posta, vaša 

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